This is the criteria for full price core, unless otherwise noted under that specific part. Please call if your core doesn’t meet this criteria, so we can discuss the adjusted value of your core.


  • Injectors must be complete with all parts
  • No heavy rust
  • Injector tip must be intact
  • Must have complete undamaged plug/connector
  • No dismantled units
  • Solenoid/harness must be undamaged
  • No fire damaged units


  • All pumps must be OEM, unless otherwise stated
  • Pump must rotate 360 degrees
  • Pump shaft must be undamaged
  • CP3 Pumps must have all freeze plugs intact
  • CP3 Pumps must have undamaged FCA
  • All mounting points need to be intact
  • No disassembled units or units that have missing parts
  • No excessive rust
  • Connectors/solenoids must be undamaged
  • No fire or physical damaged units


  • Modules must be intact with all screws and hardware
  • Plugs must be undamaged, including pins
  • No water or fire damaged units
  • No broken housing/covers


  • All turbos must be complete with all parts
  • Turbo must spin 360 degrees with minimal effort
  • No broken shafts
  • Vane controller/actuator must be present and undamaged on VGT turbo
  • No excessive shaft play
  • Housings must be undamaged both internal and external